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Week 12: Explore Technology


Dyslexic teen shares how she uses technology to read and write

In one year, this tenacious young teen went from failing to studying on grade level; from sitting in the back of the class to excelling beyond expectations; from dreading school to dreaming of college. 

How I Use Text-to-Speech by Dr Beth Gatewood

Dyslexic Advantage Webinar - Dr. Gatewood's How I Use Text to Speech walks people through the different forms of text-to-speech, machine vs. human voices, resources like Bookshare, Kindle-Audible, and Learning Ally, and newer resources Prizmo and Bookscan. Beth's webinar provides practical information for parents, students, teachers, and adults with dyslexia. 

Simple Ways to Get Started in Text to Speech
Chat Notes from the Webinar and Answers

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Thinking Differently: An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities

David Flink was an early adopter of using technology to compensate for his Dyslexia and ADHD. This book focuses on moving beyond the focus on remediation, and how to use accomodations and technology to enable kids to focus on their strengths.

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Weekly Assignment:

Read this overview of assistive tech:

Watch vidoes on the "how to" of assistive tech:


This article describes the benefits of listening to audiobooks.

Are you searching for the right assistive technology (AT) for your child? This checklist from will help you decide whether a device or tool is going to work well for your child.

The SETT Scaffolds are a series of forms that are designed to be used to facilitate a meeting about assistive technology needs.  They may be a useful tool to use with school staff.

This guide by Jamie Martin will give families (and teachers) information about apps that can help students with reading, writing, studying, and demonstrating their knowledge

Here are the apps, software and services we use and recommend at Lawrence School, a private school for learning differences.

Browse assistive tech tools by grade, issue, and platform.

Visit assitive technology guru Jamie Martin's website to learn more about many accessibility features of various operating systems, desktop programs, web-based tools, Chrome Apps and Extensions, iOS apps, and Android apps that are beneficial to dyslexics.

The Wrightslaw website is an excellent resource for IEP law.  This page has links to their articles related to assistive tech.

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