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Week 5:  Identify Strengths


"Because I'm Dyslexic..."

Accomplished adults share things that they can do because of their Dyslexia, not in spite of it.

"What You May Not Have Heard About Dyslexia"

Discussion of the strenghts of Dyslexia starts at 4:05.


This book highlights the strengths that come along with Dyslexia.

The Dyslexic Advantage

by Brock L. Eideand Fernette F. Eide


Weekly Assignment:

Map of Strengths

Use this tool from Headstrong Nation to identify and visualize your child's strengths.

Positive Student Profile

Create a Positive Student Profile to give to your child's teachers.  It's a great way to help teachers see both the strengths and challenges your child possesses.  This template is from the Exceptional Children's Assistance Center.

More to Explore:

This "Ask the Expert" video from Understood lists "pockets of strength" found in people with various learning disabilities.


Five Stages Of Developing A Positive Dyslexic Identity

This blog post from Dyslexic Advantage discusses the five stages by which individuals with learning differences, like dyslexia, can progress from uncertainty and confusion to a deep self-understanding and sense of empowerment.

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