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Week 14:  Advocate


This video describes the elements of good reading instruction and how Response to Intervention (RTI) and IEP evaluation should work if schools are effectively identifying and treating dyslexia.  (Unfortunately most are not.)

Why Wait for Failure?

In "Why Wait for Failure?", Earl Oremus lectures on early intervention, the process of learning to read, and the most effective interventions. You can peek at the list of specific programs at 1:09:49, but do watch the entire video!



Testimony to Congress


This book has a good overview about why phonics won the "reading wars".

Straight Talk About Reading

by Louisa C. Moats and Susan L. Hall


Ch 5: How Does a Child Learn to Read

Ch 10: Reading Difficulties and Disabilities



Weekly Assignment:

Visit your state's Decoding Dyslexia website: 


Search Facebook for "Decoding Dyslexia state" to find your local group.


More to Explore:

The International Dyslexia Association compiled a matrix comparing 13 programs that implement the Orton-Gillingham approach or Lindamood-Bell system for teaching reading to dyslexic learners. The programs included on the list have a long history of successful use in clinics and classrooms.


The list does not include effective Orton-Gillingham based programs that are intended for parental tutoring and homeschooling, such as Barton Reading & Spelling, Logic of English, and All About Reading.





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Watch videos showing example lessons from several different Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell programs.


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This video describes the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading to dyslexics.  Most effective programs are based on this method, considered the gold standard for treating dyslexia. 


This news report features the Lindamood-Bell approach to teaching reading.  This approach is also evidence-based and proven to be effective for dyslexia when correctly implemented.

Many parents have also been successful at tutoring their children themselves using an Orton-Gillingham based program that is designed for home tutoring.  One popular and effective program is Barton Reading & Spelling.  Click the link to watch an example lesson.

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