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Week 11:  504 Basics


National Center for Learning Disabilities created this short overview of 504 Plans.

This video gives an overview of Section 504 from a legal standpoint.  

This is a 2 hour professional development session about 504.  It is a broad lecture that covers multiple disablities, and gives you an overview of 504 from the school's point of view. It only briefly touches on learning disabilities.

Weekly Assignment:

Print "A 504 Plan for Those with Dyslexia" and highlight the items that your child needs.

More to Explore:

This is the article by the National Center for Learning Disabilties ( that was mentioned in the video.

This publication by the National Center for Learning Disabilties (,  "Understanding the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act and Section 504" explains Section 504 and its relationship to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  After following the link, click the large yellow Download button to see the article.

This article at explains important rights under a 504 plan.  It mentions that a 504 plan CAN include specialized instruction.

This article at explains the key differences supports and services, which are both available under 504 law.

This chart at compares IEP and 504 side by side to explain the differences between them.

The 504 Plan page at has many helpful articles including: "Understanding 504 Plans", "Does My Child Need to Be Evaluated to Get a 504 Plan?", "6 Tips to Be Sure Your Child's 504 Plan is Being Followed", "Common Modifications and Accommodations", and more.

This page from (a great resource for learning about special education law) has dozens of articles about rights and responsibilities under Section 504

"My Child with a 504 Plan is Failing, School Won't Help: Your Eligibility Game Plan".

"Determining Eligibility Under Section 504: Fundamentals and New Challenge Areas".  Article by Jose L. Martín, Attorney at Law.

The Office of Civil Rights has created a frequently asked questions guide.

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